Team Losi Racing Rebranding
A rebrand of the look for Team Losi Racing, including the development of a new logo, box and advertising campaign.
Team Losi Racing Rebranding

I was brought on to art direct the rebranding of Team Losi Racing after the previous Creative Group Manager in charge of the brand left the company. Unfortunately, some internal miscommunication meant that the rebrand had to be completed (from conceptual stage to final box art sent to the vendor) in a matter of weeks.

Creating a new brand identity for an established brand is challenging in the best of circumstances, but it took a team of people with razor-sharp focus to really accomplish the task. I'm very proud of the end result, and we received two American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA magazine for the box art for the 22 Buggy and it's accompanying advertisement.
The logo for Team Losi Racing was a true collaboration between Product Development and Marketing. Because of the accelerated nature of the rebranding, we were coordinating concepts both in and out of house. We chose a design from an out of house designer, but it underwent considerable adjustment and tweaking to make sure the letter forms would be as readable and scale-able as possible.
I worked with designer Nic Mulvaney on the 22 Buggy box art. The brief noted they wanted a high-end box similar to the Spektrum DX8 packaging I had personally designed the year before. We took this as a starting point, but really wanted the 22 box to have it's own personality as not only was it under a different brand, but it was going to be marketed to a different customer.
Back of the package presents a clean, high-end look.
The outer sleeve slides off to reveal key features.
The award-winning double-page ad for the 22, again designed by Nic Mulvaney.
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